Who says the world has changed?

Who says the world has changed?
Rising heat don’t comfort me…
Ozone and dying trees,
Wish it was a fallacy.

Who says I need to know?
A zone is dead in Gulf of Mexico… (Source: NOAA.gov)
Aral Sea ruined long ago…
We’re reaping what we sow…) (Source: NASA)

I’ve had a long day looking for a job…
And I got one that doesn’t pollute…

Well it ain’t much, it’s all under control…
Do you really thing that’s true? (Sure you do.)

Some say Ohio’s the same… (Source: EPA)
Polluted water and toxic games…
Dead zones are what they claim…(Source: Live Science)
I really think we need to change…

I’ve heard there’s a better way… ()
Regulation keeps pollution at bay…
Even solar offers jobs that pay (Source: Solar Foundation)
Environmental laws are great!

We’ve wasted loads of time procrastinating
Less meat, better cars, and energy too…
So seize the moment, now that you know that,
Green laws can build the world anew.



There is a very large oxygen-starved hypoxic zone – commonly called a dead zone – that forms each summer in the Gulf of Mexico.


There are multiple causes for dead zones including nitrogen run-off from fertilizer and insufficient wet lands.


The Aral Sea was largely destroyed by human activities including damming.


Solar energy is a major and growing job source in the United States.


There are often particulate warnings in the summer in Ohio.

Test Your Knowledge


One powerful environmentally friendly step you can take is?

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Major job grow is occurring because?

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An exciting positive change for the environment is?

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Huge areas have no life?

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Major human-caused destruction includes?

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Who says the world has changed?
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