Gun & Safety

May 2018, 5 months into the year and 23 school shootings already… (Source: CNN)
Even though crime rates in the country are reducing,
and not every gun owner is violent, (Source: - NCVS analysis tool)
gun laws have existed before and after the 2nd amendment for reasons-
they can curb such tragedies. (Source: Duke Law)
From Australia’s example,
we can learn that laws don’t take away guns (Source:
but make sure anyone dangerous can’t procure them easily.
Think about it, a small change can save lives.



There is a widespread incidence of mass shootings in US.


Yet, total adolescent violent victimization rates have declined greatly since 1993 in the US.


In the 1990s, Australia implemented several gun laws: banned semiautomatic fire arms, 28 day waiting period, and licensing requirements.


The laws corresponded with an end of mass shootings in Australia.


Australia currently has as many guns as before but few (if any) mass shootings.


Gun regulations and laws existed before and immediately after the 2nd amendment passed.


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Gun & Safety
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