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Call For Submissions to factSpread Journal or Policy Information Dissemination

This article describes the flow of ideas that resulted in factSpread (a nonprofit 501c3) and its associated open source journal, both dedicated to education for citizenship. The journal is formally called Policy Information Dissemination. The company seeks use advertising to inform average, busy citizens about the important issues of the day, i.e., it is like Schoolhouse Rock except more topical. Our organization seeks to have the most transparent and effective processes possible for determining What To Spread, How To Spread,  and specific Facts To Spread. We hope that you will submit contributions (using this article as a formatting model) addressing any of these three items. Submissions will be peer reviewed, and, if  accepted, published quickly.

by Theodore T. Allen

Epidemic Flu What You Need to Know

Seven flu myths are busted using information from respected sources.

by Doug Samuelson

Relating Voter Turnout With Knowledge and Attitudes

This article analyzes the results of a recent survey of 800 potentially swing voters across 256 counties in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Counties were selected based on information from their boards of elections about 2016 turnout and party votes. Respondents were quizzed on their knowledge of crime and tax statistics or local environmental degradation, shown a short video, and then quizzed again. Additional questions and demographic information permit the evaluation of initial knowledge, knowledge gain from the videos, and the level of curiosity increase. Findings include the substantially greater environmental knowledge of respondents in high turnout counties, the greater knowledge gain of respondents in highly Republican locations relating to taxes and crime information, and the lower gains of wealthy highly educated voters compared with highly educated poorer respondents.

by Theodore T. Allen