Dr. Allen is committed to a resilient electorate informed by data on questions that models suggest are important. He is an author with 60 refereed publications and two textbooks.

Theodore Allen

President and Founder

Dr. Allen is the President and Founder of factSpread. He is committed to data-driven outcome-oriented decisions and an informed electorate. In his 60 refereed publications and two textbooks, Dr. Allen described his many contributions in industry totaling millions of dollars and millions of hours of waiting saved through modeling and transparent decision processes (US Defense Department, Ford, Honda, hospitals, and many others). He is a fellow of ASQ, Past President of the INFORMS Social Media Analytics Section, a simulation area editor for Computers & Industrial Engineering and the winner of numerous research and teaching awards. You can check out some of Dr. Allen’s contributions to ResearchGate for over 150 publication items or his personal website, blying.com.