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  1. The homicide rate in the US is many times larger than the homicide rates in Japan and England.
  2. The homicide rates in the US, Japan, and England have generally been declining since 1990.
  3. The incarcerated (jail + prison) population in the US has reached a high level and peaked at well over 2 million people.
  4. US people spend around $4,500 per person per year out-of-pocket on health care compared with less than $600 in England/UK.
  5. In total, the US spends around 3 times more than people in the UK per person in total.
  6. The US GDP growth has generally declined since 1950.
  7. The US top tax rate has declined from 92% to around 36% since 1950.
  8. Lower tax rates and lower growth rates have contributed to creating large budget deficit.
  9. The war on drugs has generated increasing direct and indirect costs. (2018-08-07 11:38:02)


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